Bring your vision to life! Whether you have an existing pond that just doesn't cut it, big dreams and a hole in the ground, or maybe the perfect spot in your yard for a water feature, I can help. With my level of experience, I can comfortably tailor to all clients, commercial or residential.






Unsatisfied with your current set up? Looking to have a few changes made? I proudly stand by all the ponds I work on, after all, "good work is rewarded with more work". In other words, I will happily guarantee any job I complete and they will always end with a satisfied customer.




If you are currently building, or considering the addition of a new pond don't hesitate to ask for assistance. For most questions there is an answer and I am more than happy to help. Give me a call to set up an on-site appointment, or discuss over the phone free of charge.


Having your pond cleaned at least once per year is strongly recommended. Regular cleanings will ensure your pumps run smoothly and that your plants look their best. As part of a standard pond cleaning, your equipment is properly serviced and inspected, afterwards plants are divided and fertilized, finally all the organic waste is removed from the pond and the water is replaced. Typically taking about four hours for a medium sized pond, you and your fish will be left with a clean and almost new looking pond.



Rest easy, knowing that your pond will always look its best. I offer a variety of maintenance services dedicated to you and your pond, including regular water testing and water changes, as well as keeping your filters and pumps operating at their best. In addition, water treatments can be used to balance your water parameters and ensure your pond always looks the way it should. Clear water and happy fish guaranteed!




In the fall there are several important steps to take to prepare your pond from the harsh winter months to come. First, we start by removing your UV to protect it from frost, additionally the filter can be removed as well, but the pump must remain running. Afterwards, the plants are dead-headed to make way for the new shoots in Spring. Ensure your fish and equipment will be alive and well for the new year, with Island Aquatics!


With plenty of hands on experience under my belt, I can draw upon a vast knowledge base when it comes to replacing or repairing any submersible mag drive pumps, external or submersible UVC, and pond filters. You can rest assured knowing your pond equipment will always be properly replaced, serviced, or inspected in order to prevent unwanted and unnecessary replacement costs.